Holistic Management Book and Handbook Combo

Allan Savory and Jody Butterfield

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Holistic management is a systems-thinking approach for managing resources developed by Allan Savory decades ago after observing the devastation of desertification in his native Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). Properly managed livestock are key to restoring the world’s grassland soils, the major sink for atmospheric carbon, and minimizing the most damaging impacts on humans and the natural world.

This book updates Savory's paradigm-changing vision for reversing desertification, stemming the loss of biodiversity, eliminating fundamental causes of human impoverishment throughout the world, and climate change. Reorganized chapters make it easier for readers to understand the framework for Holistic Management and the four key insights that underlie it. New color photographs showcase before-and-after examples of land restored by livestock.

Copyright 2019, softcover, 552 pages


This book is designed as a practical companion for people who actually manage land and any others who want to know what responsibility for land really means. 

This handbook looks the other way from its companion book (see above) – from practice toward theory. In fact, however, both the theory and the practice evolved together and are still evolving, and you, too, should cut away at the thicket in your mind from both sides.

Copyright 2019, softcover, 251 pages

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