Growing & Using Herbs Successfully

Betty E.M. Jacobs

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With homegrown herbs comes the promise of flavor, scent, healing and beauty. Open your garden to the beauty of herbs, and the reward will be manifold. Herb growers, herbs businesses, and those who have always wanted to try will find a wealth of encouragement and sound advice in this well illustrated book.

  • How to grow, harvest and use herbs
  • Starting herbs indoors and outdoors
  • Harvesting and storing herbs
  • Getting the most from your greenhouse
  • How to sell herbs, both wholesale and retail, in your own herb business

Betty Jacobs explains in helpful, easy to understand language how to get the best results with 64 herbs -- how to grow, harvest, and use them, plus a lot more.

Table of Contents

  • Starting Your Herb Garden
  • Thirty-two More Herbs to Grow
  • A Guide to the Vegetative Propagation of Perennial Herbs
  • Harvesting, Drying, Storing, and Freezing Herbs
  • Growing Herbs for Profit
  • Markets and Marketing
  • Growing Parsley
  • Growing Chives
  • Herb Products For Fun or Profit
  • Building a Successful Business

Plus 6 great appendices!

About Betty E. M. Jacobs

Jacobs and her husband started the first commercial Herb Farm in Canada in 1965, located on southern Vancouver Island. After eight years of successful farming, Jacobs began writing books, including Growing & Using Herbs Successfully.

Copyright 1976, 1981, softcover, 223 pages.

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