Growing Under Cover

Niki Jabbour


Niki Jabbour's successful techniques for producing a continuous harvest in the vegetable garden have been embraced by fans of her bestseller The year-Round Vegetable Gardener. Now she expands the options for extending the growing season by using protective covers to create controlled spaces for vegetables to thrive. With these methods, you can plant earlier, harvest later, keep pests at bay, and protect crops from sudden changes in weather. Learn how to deploy different types of garden covers effectively to: 

  • Increase germination
  • Minimize transplant shock
  • Keep plants from bolting
  • Protect plants from frost
  • Deter pests
  • Maintain consisten temperatures
  • Harvest food year-round

SKU 7643. Copyright 2020, softcover, 215 pages. 

Praise for Growing Under Cover:

"My new favorite resource. This book is essential reading for learning all the great ways you can use covers to extend the season, control pests naturally, and keep your garden growing strong." -Joe Lamp'l, executive producer and host of Growing a Greener World

"Niki is who I turn to for knowledge about pushing the zone a little, stretching the season, and getting, more, more, more from my efforts." -Margaret Roach, author of Way to Garden

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