In the Shadow of a Green Man and Farming in the Presence of Nature Combo

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin and Athena Tainio

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In the Shadow of Green Man

Witnessing firsthand the human suffering caused by unjust and environmentally destructive farming practices set Regi on a path of helping people lift themselves through, of all things, tapping the natural behaviors of the lowly chicken. With the mind of an engineer, the passion of minister, and the depth of a philosopher the author has created not only a wonderful yarn, but a book for our generation asking the questions and providing many of the answers needed by millions.

Farming in the Presence of Nature

No mere book of philosophy, Tainio cleverly connects the esoteric with the concrete, bridging the gap between modern-day soil chemistry and natural earth forces. She builds upon the work of her late husband, legendary agronomist Bruce Tainio, with her own understandings, creating a book sure to challenge and inspire any student of nature who has an open mind.

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