Will Winter, D.V.M.: Grazing 101

Will Winter

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The time to jump into the production of grass-based livestock has never been better. And few people have guided more producers into successful programs than Will Winter, DVM. He’ll try to part the clouds of confusion and show you how to avoid the common pitfalls and financial black holes. Learn the basics of optimal livestock selection, fencing, water systems, mineralization, herd health plans, stored forage options, and then review an array of intensive grazing systems so that you can easily find the one that best fits your unique operation.

Will Winter received a D.V.M. degree from Kansas State University in 1975. He also received a degree in animal husbandry and completed postgraduate studies and conducted research in veterinary toxicology. After graduating he moved to Minnesota, specializing in surgical referrals and emergency medicine. In 1980 he created the Uptown Veterinarian, one of the largest and most successful holistic veterinary practices in the United States. In 1983 he co-founded the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association. He writes for several veterinary and agricultural journals and websites. He is the author of The Holistic Veterinary Handbook. In 1999 he sold his practice to become a freelance writer, consultant and lecturer, teaching about holistic veterinary livestock issues, sustainable agriculture and traditional nutrition. A lifelong devotee of the Great Plains, he resides in Minnesota and heads Grass Farmer Supply, a company serving grass farmers.

(1 hour, 33 minutes, 37 seconds) Recorded at the 2014 Acres U.S.A. Conference, Columbus, Ohio, Thursday, December 4, 2014.

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