Get Your Ass To Work!

Dick Courteau


This is a practical, hands-on guide to training donkeys to work – in harness and packing – to serve the needs of small farmers and homesteaders. It offers a clear and detailed program for each step of training, designed to enable you to bring an untrained donkey into the animal work force within a month or six weeks, and offers basic information on caring for your donkey.

SKU 7620. Copyright 2020, softcover, 214 pages.

About the Author

Dick Courteau's earliest memories, from infancy, are seeing teams of horses at work. He has been riding and working horses – and then mules and donkeys – since age 11, when his foster father gave him his first pony. 

Praise for Get Your Ass to Work!

"As the owner of two donkeys, I need a neighbor like Dick Courteau, a wise and compassionate old-timer who has spent a lifetime working with equines. Fortunately, reading his book turns out to be the next best thing, since he is a natural born teacher of humans and animals."

– Bonnie Jo Campbell, prize-winning novelist, short-story writer and owner of two donkeys

"[T]here's a charm that goes well beyond practical animal husbandry. . . Even the non-donkey-devotee can see that this is, at its core, a lifework. It's a book from someone who's given more thought to donkeys and their training than most people give to anything at all." 

– Arkansas Life Magazine

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