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Deac Jones


Deac Jones, with decades of knowledge and experience in the field of agriculture, began writing newsletters about biological farming practices in 2016 to help growers and agriculture-related professionals better understand the concepts and practices involved. He focused on inputs and ways to improve and nurture the soil after consulting for large agriculture retailers and realizing there was little understanding about anything other than chemicals and synthetics.

While many books, podcasts, webinars, and trade shows centered on new farming practices and decreasing the use of synthetic inputs, they weren’t enough to create a wholesale change in thinking. By introducing new concepts one at a time via his newsletters, Jones found a way to inspire momentum toward change. Since receiving a tremendous amount of positive feedback, he has continued to write the newsletters and included many of them in this invaluable book.

SKU 7746. Copyright 2021, Softcover, 204 pages.

About the Author: 

Deac Jones grew up working on a ranch in Boise, Idaho, and attended college at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. After finishing graduate school at University of San Francisco, he worked in Southeast Asia for my years establishing sales and distribution channels for agricultural products, working for Connell Bros. Company, the overseas division of Wilbur-Ellis Company.

Deac lives in Northern California on a suburban farm with a large vegetable garden, orchard and berries. This broad array of crops provides an excellent testing ground for biological products and trialing new products. 

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