Fermentation as Metaphor

Sandor Ellix Katz


In Fermentation as a Metaphor, Sandor Ellix Katz– bestselling author and James Beard Award winner– meditates on his unique art and work, drawing fascinating connections between microbial communities and aspects of human culture: politics, religion, social and cultural movements, art, music, sexuality, identity, and even our individual thoughts and feelings. 

Through close examination of the microbial processes found in fermented foods– and coupled with fifty mesmerizing, original images of microorganisms that he and university collaborators photographed using both a stereoscope and electron microscope– Katz reveals what fermentation can teach us about ourselves, our culture, and being human. This unique unforgettable book broadens our understanding of food, life, and transformative change.

SKU 7630. Copyright 2020, hardcover, 118 pages.

Praise for Fermentation as Metaphor

"One of the unlikely rock stars of the American food scene."

New York Times

"Sandor Katz is considered the guru of fermenting food [and he] wants to demystify fermentation so people won't be afraid. Then, maybe, we can all feel the magic."

–NPR, Weekend Edition

"[Katz's] books have become manifestos and how-to manuals for a generation of underground food activists."

The New Yorker

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