Eco-Ag U 2-day + Conference and Trade Show

These intensive all-day workshops allow you to dig deeper into the core technologies of eco-agriculture and to ask questions pertinent to your own operation.  Both 2-day and 1-day Eco-Ag U. passes include access to the rest of the 2018 Acres U.S.A. Conference & Trade Show December 5-7.

Choose one workshop for Tuesday AND one workshop for Wednesday OR choose the 2-day John Kempf workshop.

NEW THIS YEAR: You can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs)by attending Eco-Ag U workshops! Each workshop offers between 7 and 16 CEUs.

Free Podcast

My Farmer, My Customer

New! Learn from Marty Travis's experiences converting the Spence Farm into one of the most successful farming co-ops in the United States today.