Dr. Paul Dettloff Audio: Diversifying Dairy with A2A2 Milk

Paul Dettloff

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Learn from the 2019 Eco-Ag Lifetime Achievement Award winner! The dairy market is being disrupted, and many are either going out of business or struggling to find a way back to their traditional success. Dr. Paul Dettloff has some ideas for these dairy farmers, and will lead a workshop about new opportunities in the A2A2 milk market in Asia and Europe. He’ll tell the story of A2A2 milk, what it is and the genetics behind it, who the major players are in consumption worldwide, and what this can mean for your operation. His latest book, The Complete Guide to Raising Animals Organically, came out in 2019. Recorded live at the 2019 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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