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Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin

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Proceeds go directly to the author to help create a family farm and support BIPOC farmers in the Minnesota region.


This is not your average book.

When you purchase this book on this page, you are also directly supporting the farmer who wrote it to help him start his family farm. We at Acres U.S.A. pledge that, whether you pay $25, $50, $100 or $1,000 for this book, Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin (Regi) will receive all proceeds above the $18 publisher fee.

Your generosity will help Regi build his family farm — The Salvatierra Farm in Minnesota — and inspire and support other BIPOC farmers in his region. Regi’s family farm will demonstrate regenerative poultry farm operations, smart entry points for new farmers, reducing unneeded costs, and supporting what the land gives us with smart agriculture tactics. Beyond becoming part of Regi’s family farm story, you will be connected through our networks to our communities of growers focused on building a regenerative agriculture movement for all.

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About the Book

“My parents couldn’t read or write, we barely had clothes to wear. All we had were stories. We listened and absorbed them, and found our own place in the narrative.”

And what a narrative it is. Join the wonderfully colorful and poetic Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin, or Regi, as he weaves together stories from his upbringing in revolution-torn Guatemala, the vision of a regenerative form of farming which uplifts people, and the wandering fable of the Green Man. The result is an immensely readable, enjoyable journey that informs as it entertains and enlightens.

Witnessing firsthand the human suffering caused by unjust and environmentally destructive farming practices set Regi on a path of helping people lift themselves through, of all things, tapping the natural behaviors of the lowly chicken. With the mind of an engineer, the passion of minister, and the depth of a philosopher the author has created not only a wonderful yarn, but a book for our generation asking the questions and providing many of the answers needed by millions.

The author is the principal architect of the innovative poultry-centered regenerative agriculture model that is at the heart of Main Street Project’s work. His focus is on the development of multi-level strategies for building regenerative food and agriculture systems that deliver social, economic and ecological benefits.

Reginaldo has also been a guest on the Acres U.S.A. Tractor Time podcast. Listen to his April 2017 interview here.

Copyright 2016, Softcover, 208 pages. 44 per case.

About the Author & Farmer

Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin began working on economic development projects with indigenous Guatemalan communities in 1988. He served as a consultant for the United Nations Development Program’s Bureau for Latin America and as an advisor to the World Council of Indigenous Peoples. He was a founding member of the Fair-Trade Federation in 1994.

From 1995 to 1998, and led the creation, strategic positioning, and launch of Peace Coffee, a Minnesota-based fair-trade coffee company. He went on to work with woodland owners in the Midwest and internationally supporting the organization of several Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) certified operations.

Regi was named one of the Twin Cities International Citizens of the Year in 1996. In 2008 he received both the Northfield area and the District's Service to Mankind Award. He has served community boards including the Resource Center of the Americas, North Country Development Fund (currently Shared Capital Cooperative), the Northfield Area Foundation and the Northfield Area YMCA. He is currently a member of the Rotary Club of Northfield, a board member with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa, owner-founder of Regeneration Farms LLC, and Founder and President of the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance. Regi was awarded a prestigious lifetime Ashoka Fellowship in 2018 for his work in Regenerative Poultry Systems.

Regi has pioneered innovations in a Regenerative Poultry System that is at the center of a multitude of national and international initiatives. The system is uniquely aligned with the conditions of small farms and marginalized communities and is designed for large-scale and global impact. At the Regenerative Agriculture Alliance, Regi's current work covers communities in the United States (Northfield, Minnesota; Omaha, Mead and Winnebago, Nebraska; Pine Ridge, South Dakota), Hazelton British Columbia, Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. During the 2020 MOSES conference, Regi received one of the first "Changemaker" awards for innovation and lasting impact.

A native Guatemalan, Regi received his agronomy degree from the Escuela Nacional Central de Agricultura studied at the Universidad de San Carlos in Guatemala then graduated from Augsburg University in Minneapolis with a major in international business administration and a minor in communications. Regi lives in Northfield MN with his wife Amy and their kids William, Ana Nicktae, and Lars Decarlo.

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