Richard Olree Workshop Lectures Complete Set on USB

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Dr. Richard Olree graduated in 1981 with a bachelor of science in human biology degree and a doctorate in chiropractic. He is currently a member of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors. He is co-author of the book Minerals for the Genetic Code, originally published in 2006 by Acres U.S.A. Dr. Olree’s contribution to the book focuses on a chart of the spine he developed that overlays the Standard Genetic Chart.

Dr. Olree currently practices in Hillman, Michigan. For the last decade, he has been making house visits to the local Mio/Fairview Amish communities and has been visiting the local Ossineke area Amish for the last four years. He also offers nutritional consultations to people all over the world including Germany, Australia, Canada and many other countries. Dr. Olree speaks to various groups about genetics, minerals and nutrition. His recent travels have taken him to Australia, Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota, Indiana, Utah, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and more.  

He's a regular speaker at Acres U.S.A. conferences. This audio collection includes:

• Minerals & the Human Brain (1:05:40)

• Soil and Hair Mineral Analysis (1:05:19)

• Iodine and Selenium: the One-Two Punch (1:04:26)

• Boron, the Missing Mineral: Implications for Crops & Human Health (57:29)

• A1-A2 Milk: Update on the Science and Global Happenings (59:20)

Product is delivered on a custom Acres U.S.A. memory stick.

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