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Biological farming methods truly work in large-scale, mainline crop farming. Illinois farmer/consultant Ben Adolph will demonstrate how to effectively manage biological farming on large-scale operations. What biological practices are they incorporating to get to a higher level of production? Are rotations and biological diversity achievable when corn is the only crop? With production costs constantly increasing — from land to machinery to inputs — we have no choice but to produce more of a better-quality crop, and doing it more efficiently with more profit and less plant manipulation. See how this Illinois farmer and numerous 2,000+-acre farms in the region are executing the principles of biological farming in the field. Discussion will include comparison plots, precision data management, some new “game changing” equipment from strip-till to planter options, all correlated to on-farm results.

Ben Adolph has been involved in the agricultural field his entire life. Born and raised on his parents farm in northwest Illinois, he knew that the agriculture field was where he belonged. He joined Midwestern BioAg as a staff consultant in 2012. Because of his outstanding service, he was nominated and achieved the "Outstanding Industry Award" for his dedication to service and education by the Illinois Forage and Grasslands Council. Ben enjoys being involved in the agricultural field and says his biggest accomplishment has been keeping his family's farming tradition alive. Ben continues to farm his own acreage and incorporate MBA's philosophy to lead as an example of how biological farming can be managed on large-scale operations. Most of his ground is dedicated to large scale trials, demonstrating the effects of biological practices on soil and plant quality/production.

(1 hour, 4 seconds) Recorded Friday, December 12, 2013

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