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The Acres U.S.A. August 2018 issue; Vol. 38, No. 12; contains the following:


Urban Homesteading
by Samm Simpson
Adriana Chanmala focuses on working in tandem with the land using permaculture principles and regenerative growing practices on her 2.5-acre homestead in North Carolina.

Diverse Pursuits
by Lauren Turner
From her passion for raising healthy organic food, to her love for the land, to her devotion to her employees, Colleen Lamb is truly adding value to her farm, her local community and to the world.

Transform an Old Trampoline
by John Moody
Learn how to turn a discarded plaything into movable small-scale greenhouse, chicken brooder for pastured poultry, hothouse for plant starts and more.

Community in Focus: Orcas Island
by Jack Petree
Kaj Enderlein is passionate about his community and about working with his Orcas Island, Washington, neighbors to rediscover the art of locally based sustainable living and food self-sufficiency.

Spoils of the Harvest
by Abbey Smith
Abbey Smith shares the simple steps to turn pastured animal fat into luscious lard for nutrient-dense cooking.

Follow Your Bliss for Homestead Success
by Andrew French
With a focus on revitalizing the rural economic and social landscape, Lisa and Tony Kofakis have found their home sweet home at Silver Creek Springs in Western Wisconsin.

Own Your Brand: Where Do You Fit in the Online World?
by Dr. Roxanne Bruce, D.B.A.
Learn how to successfully navigate the world of online marketing for your farm, ranch or other agricultural enterprise.           

After the Harvest
by Jill Henderson
With food insecurity on the rise in America, groups are teaming up with the help of farmers and volunteers to glean fields, large and small, and give to food banks and other organizations.

Manure Happens: Usage & Benefits
by Christopher Cumo
For eco-farmers striving to use the best inputs available, the quality of manure used to boost crop and soil health is a growing concern.

Interview: Woody Tasch
Shared-risk Investment
Slow Money founder, author Woody Tasch discusses community-based economics and soil as the foundation for health.


View from the Country
Monthly musings from Acres U.S.A.’s publisher. 

Letters to the Editor
Readers share their thoughts on past articles and words of encouragement.

Opinion: The Faux Faith of Modern Science
Journalist Maryam Henein gives concrete examples of how Corporate influence, conflict of interest, ego and greed have corrupted the science of science, especially when it comes to Big Pharma.

News in brief from around the world on developments in eco-farming technology, organic food and farming, human health and vital environmental issues.

Science on Your Side
Acres U.S.A. highlights recent research and what it means for you.

The Harvest Table: Foraging, Cultivating Wild Berries
For those who enjoy the nature of foraging, but who also might like to make a business of it, cultivating wild foods is the right way to go.

Stock & Flock: Raw Food Diet for Man’s Best Friend
Farmer Andrew French takes a look at conventional dog food and posits there is a better way to keep your pet healthy and happy.

Small-Scale Success: Wild Beauties
Cary Rideout mulls the endless appeal and allure of wildflowers.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here’s what’s on our radar.



We let you know when and where exciting eco-farming events are happening.

Meet an Eco-Farmer
Get to know fellow innovative farmers putting ecologically correct production principles to work, resulting in profitable, sustainable operations.

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