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The Acres U.S.A. August 2017 issue; Vol. 47, No. 8; contains the following:


Foraging for Local, Nutrient-Dense Food
by Anita B. Stone
An awakening to the value, economy, taste and fun of foraging for wild foods is reaching the consciousness of more people, especially those looking to fully explore and use local land resources.

Turning Over a New Leaf
by Allie Hymas
California’s Rockside Ranch aims to meet the need for training the next generation of sustainable farmers while providing an invaluable opportunity for at-risk young men.

Cordwood Buildings
by Rob Roy
If you’re thinking about building a cordwood structure on your homestead or farm you’ll want to first meet the fundamental challenge of finding the best materials for the job.

Healing Helpers for Homesteaders
by Jill Henderson
When it comes to being useful, common culinary herbs do much more than make our food taste great — they protect and nourish us and our livestock too.

Holistic Planned Grazing
by Abbey & Spencer Smith
Use Holistic Planned Grazing to manage livestock in a fashion that maximizes the efficiency of the mineral cycle and creates nutrient-dense soil.

Sharp Chains & Sawdust
by Carey Rideout
A chainsaw is one tool no rural holding, regardless of acreage, should be without. From chores like cutting stovewood or sharpening fence stakes to rough carpentry and clearing the debris from summer storms, a good chainsaw earns its keep.

Agricultural Medicine
by Anita B. Stone
Agricultural medicine encompasses a wide range of farming, homesteading and rancing activities and pertains to the health and safety problems that could arise, with a focus on prevention.

Bringing Back the Beans
by Lee Allen
Meet an Arizona couple farming with nature while reviving rich, native food and farming traditions.

New Uses for Old Barns
by Dorothy Reike
Historic barns not only add beauty to our surroundings, with a bit of ingenuity they now serve in many different ways to enrich our lives.

Seed-Saving Cooperation
by Joshua Burman Thayer
Get the scoop on seed libraries in a Q&A with Rebecca Newburn of the Richmond Grows Seed Lending Library.

Interview: Graham White: Pollinators in Peril
Beekeeper, author and educator Graham White advocates for bee health and discusses pesticide impact on global ecosystems.



View from the Country

Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Defining Systems
Farmer Andrew French discusses the differences between homesteading and farming. He believes choosing between a farming or homesteading life can provide clarity of purpose.

The Harvest Table: Wee Cup of Comfort
Despite what many folks believe, making wine and beer isn’t just for hipsters or artisanal master brewers.

Stock & Flock: Four-Legged Peace of Mind
Raising livestock and poultry comes with many challenges, and predation is high on that list. Losses to predators threaten the existence of livestock and poultry operations around the world. What would you give to know your stock is being protected 24 hours a day 365 days a year?

Small-Scale Success: Tale of Kale
Kale rose from relative obscurity to become king of the leafy green, super healthy veggies and then saw a decline in its celebrity status. Find out the ins and outs of growing this market garden crop.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here are our picks.




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