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The Acres U.S.A. August 2016 issue; Vol. 46, No. 8; contains the following:


Self-Reliant Homesteading
by Jill Henderson
Read about one Minnesota family’s journey to self-sufficiency with a focus on high-yield gardening and sustainable systems.

Healing with Ferments
by Andrew French
Angelica Hollstadt of Angelica’s Garden in Elmwood, Wisconsin, has been evolving her farm dream from the simple pleasures of her youth into one of the premiere fermented food producers of the Twin Cities area.

Down the Wormhole
by David Yarrow
Missouri bootheel farmer David “JR” Bollinger shares his experiences growing corn, soybeans and milo using carbonsmart farming principles and practices.

Moving Beyond Maple
by Jason Albee
In Alaska, Kahiltna Birchworks has been going strong for more than two decades. In their first year of business they tapped 250 trees. Today, that number has increased to more than 8,000.

At Home in the Kitchen
by Jill Henderson
Herbal oils and vinegars are delicious, easy and fun to make and will last well past the first fall frost to bring a punch of flavor to all your homemade dishes.

Putting Local Meat on the Table
by Tiffany Woods
The Niche Meat Processor Assistance Network provides support and information for small-scale meat producers.

Goats for Hire
by Barbara Berst Adams
The use of goats is a growing brush-clearing trend in a world seeking environmentally friendly and cost-effective methods for keeping land healthy.

In Search of Parity
by Chris Walters
A new film project tackles U.S. agricultural policy from the founding of the nation to current issues, examining the root causes of institutionalized poverty and national security policy designed to prevent it.

Interview: Philip H. Howard
Food System Consolidation
Professor, author Philip Howard discusses increasing corporate control of organic brands and profits.


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