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The Acres U.S.A. April 2017 issue; Vol. 47, No. 4; contains the following:


Organic Berry Business
by Jill Henderson
At the helm of River Hills Harvest is Terry Durham, a longtime advocate of sustainable agriculture, builder of groundbreaking organizations and elderberry expert best known for his devotion to developing the elderberry market from the ground up.

Small Farm, Big Dream
by Paige Buck
An unlikely farming duo is working to convert an Iowa farm to organic cash crop production.

Food Freedom Fight
by Katherine Bell
At the same time that the good food movement is gaining ground among consumers, the government continues to hinder growth. Yet, there is much that can be done by farmers and their customers to succeed.

Healthy Farmer, Healthy Farm
by Andrew French
Farmers face weather extremes, deadlines, unforeseen calamities and a variety of demands on their minds, bodies and bank accounts. Andrew French offers practices to help boost mindfulness.

True Cost Accounting
by Julie Shanks
How much does it cost to produce a skein of yarn, a bouquet of flowers, a gallon of milk, or a case of tomatoes? If you knew that you were losing money on one of them, would you still grow them?

Value-Added Processing
Barbara Berst Adams
There are many pros and cons, but for some, value-added products employing freeze-drying might be worth investigating, or at least keeping an eye on, as they evolve and improve.

Interview: Leah Penniman: Cultivating Justice
Farmer, writer and activist Leah Penniman works toward shattering systemic economic and social barriers using food and farming.



View from the Country

Letters to the Editor

Opinion: Large-Scale Organic Ag
Questions about where to draw the line on scale of production with certified livestock are a healthy part of the conversation our community must have with consumers.

The Harvest Table: A Cultural Exchange
As consumers become more aware of and seek out nutritious foods, fermentation festivals offer a playground of healthful delights and learning opportunities.

Stock & Flock: Minerals for Pastured Pigs
Happy, healthy animals live longer, more productive lives, produce larger litter sizes and can produce good amounts of milk to feed their young. Find out how minerals help ensure their good health.

Small-Scale Success: Fringe Benefits
One researcher delves into the mystery of marginal land fertility and discovers the critical soil networks beneath our feet.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here are our picks.




Meet an Eco-Farmer

Free Podcast

My Farmer, My Customer

New! Learn from Marty Travis's experiences converting the Spence Farm into one of the most successful farming co-ops in the United States today.