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The Acres U.S.A. April 2016 issue; Vol. 46, No. 4; contains the following:


Small-Scale Edamame Production
by Mark Frank
From seed selection and transplanting to managing weed pressure and getting the most out of harvest-time, get the lowdown on growing edamame stateside from an experienced Missouri farmer.

Building Soil Health with Volcanic Basalt
by Rich Affeldt
Organic and sustainable farmers have long relied on rock dust as an all-natural way to improve root systems, increase yields and promote general plant health in a wide variety of crops and conditions.

Feed Mills Face New FDA Rules
by Judith McGeary
FDA’s new food safety regulations are here, the culmination of years of debate that started with the congressional debates over the Food Safety Modernization Act in 2010. While the deadlines for coming into compliance are still months or even years away, farmers and food businesses need to pay attention immediately.

Growing Under Glass
by Lee Allen
The concept of controlled environment agriculture for food production has fueled innovative ways to grow food in inhospitable climates and expanded food production in more than 100 countries.

Premium Pork
by Lynsey Grosfield
Bertel Hestbjerg didn’t picture himself becoming a farmer, yet he now oversees the largest organic, free-range pig farm in Denmark.

by Cary Rideout
Rural residents know the importance of utilizing every inch of land to keep their farms and ranches alive and profitable, but many land- owners have an often overlooked asset — forestland.

Blending Talents
by Richard J. Skelly
A group of young people brought together by a shared vision of a healthy, local community food source and fellowship are lending their skills to an ambitious New Jersey co-op.

Establishing a New Biodynamic Enterprise
by Hugh Lovel
Many beginning farmers find biodynamics vague and difficult to comprehend; farmer and consultant Hugh Lovel provides a blueprint for getting started.

Interview: Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride
Healing the Body and Mind Through the Gut
Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride discusses the science behind GAPS and modern nutrition woes.


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