All 2013 Acres U.S.A. Conference Lecture & Workshop Audio

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All Lecture & Workshop MP3s

All audio was recorded between Dec. 12 and Dec. 14, 2013, in Springfield, Illinois.

Thursday, Dec. 12, 2013

Efficient Eco-Farming Through a Systems Approach by Wally Gerst

Appreciating the Farm as an Ecosystem by Jerry Brunetti

Diversified Organic Production and the Modern, Large CSA by Mike & Terra Brownback

Large-Scale, Rapid Building of Soil with Cover Crops by Gabe Brown

Managing Water on Your Farm — the “American Keyline” Method by Mark Shepard

Improving Results for Farms & Ranches with Holistic Management by Ann Adams

Keynote:Growing a Good Food Movement: A Story of Hog Farming, Human Health & Alternatives by Russ Kremer

    Friday, Dec. 13, 2013

    A Story of Transformation: Moving from Conventional to Organic and Beyond by Mike Brownback

    Biological Farmers Manage Minerals, Microbes & Carbon by Dean Craine

    Biodynamic Pasture Management, and Beyond! by Peter Bacchus

    Back to the Basics —A Unified Look at Holistic Animal Health by Richard "Doc" Holliday, D.V.M.

    Managing Nutrition to Control Plant Disease by Don Huber, Ph.D.

    Serengeti-Style Grazing for Maximum Production by Sabino Cortez

    Mob Grazing = Explosion of Soil Life by Greg Judy

    Biological Row Crop Farming — For a Better Bottom Line by Ken Musselman

    Inoculating the Soil: Multiplying the Benefits of Compost by Mark Sturges

    The Geology of Life by John Slack

    Biological Farming Principles in Practice by Ben Adolph

    Organic Success Story: Large-Scale Organic Edible Bean Farming by Jim Sattelberg

    Beyond Chickens: Alternative Fowl for Diversified Farms by Kelly Klober

    Local, Direct-Marketed & Organic Foods: The Guerilla Marketing Advantage by Mark Kastel

    Old Thinking and Scientific “Truths”: New Farming Needs New Thinking Harnessing Local Knowledge by Maarten Stapper, Ag. Eng., Ph.D., FAIAST

    Capturing Top Results for the Environment, Your Crops & Your Bottom Line with Biological Farming by Gary Zimmer

    Crop Testing to Support In-Season Intervention by Noel Garcia, CCA

    KeynoteEating on the Wild Side by Jo Robinson

      Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013

      Soil Organic Matter Management for Farms of All Scale, All Crops by Larry Zibilske, Ph.D.

      Failed Promises, Flawed Science — the Interaction of GMOs & Glyphosate on Soil, Plant, Animal, Human Health by Don Huber, Ph.D.

      Becoming Central to Your Community by Dawnnell Holmes

      Opportunities in Small-Scale Pig Farming by Kelly Klober

      Managing Your “Undercover Agents” — Biological Control by Natural Enemies in Greenhouse and High Tunnels by Jan Dietrick & Ron Whitehurst

      Life In (and On) the Soil by Jim Nardi, Ph.D.

      Responding to Crop Needs Through Foliar Feeding by Wendell Owens

      Effective Forest Grazing: Understanding Silvapasturing by Mark Shepard

      The Conundrum of Lyme Disease by Jerry Brunetti

      Closing Keynote:A Victim of Our Own Success: Protecting the Good Food Movement & Selling the Story of Our Farms by Mark Kastel


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