2022 Maria Thun Biodynamic Almanac

Maria Thun


The 2022 Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar, adapted for North American (Eastern Standard Time) dates and times.

The original biodynamic sowing and planting calendar celebrates its 60th year with a new, clearer, easy-to-view layout featuring more detailed planting, tending and harvesting information to help you maximize the yield and flavor of your crops and plants. Trusted by generations of farmers and gardeners, this revitalized design celebrates the beginning of a new era of the ultimate biodynamic calendar.

The new layout features:

  • A clearer, easy-to-view layout making it simpler to plan what to do and when
  • More space dedicated to detailed explanations of the recommended activities to help you get the best from what you grow
  • New information panels make it easier to use
  • Clearer headings and sections for faster look-ups
  • More detailed planting, tending and harvesting information to maximize the yield and flavor of crops and plants
  • Redesigned to work for both seasoned farmers and beginner gardeners
  • Solar and lunar events, plus information on planetary aspects, are given dedicated space

 This useful guide shows the optimum days for sowing, pruning and harvesting various plants and crops, as well as working with bees. It includes Thun's unique insights, which go above and beyond the standard information presented in some other lunar calendars. The calendar is presented in color with clear symbols and explanations and includes a pullout wallchart which can be used as a handy quick reference.

A new, revitalized design of the trusted sowing and planting calendar will become a reliable companion for both seasoned growers and beginners, to help you get the best from what you grow.

Copyright 2021, 96 pages.

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