On June 23, Let's Celebrate National Soil Health Day

Sign the Resolution and pledge your support

You can also show your support by downloading and printing out a copy of the resolution (GovernmentIndividualBusiness/ Organization) and mail it back to Acres U.S.A., c/o Soil Health, PO Box 1690, Greeley, CO 80632 

All organizations, individuals and governments who sign the resolution will be recognized on this page. 

Join us for the 2020 National Soil Health Day on June 23. 

More than 1.3 million people shared the message in 2019: Soil Health is of national importance. Now, help spread the word all year long. Feel free to share any information on this page, and to contact us with ideas for 2021 and beyond.

Vote for your favorite "The Dirt on Soil" video today!

To celebrate in 2020, we hosted a video contest, “The Dirt on Soil: What Does Soil Health Mean to You?” and now we need your help to select the winner. Watch the video submissions and vote for your favorite from now through June 23rd. The winner will be announced on June 30th!

In 2019...

National Soil Health Day started in 2019 after a 2008 bi-partisan resolution to celebrate soil health and soil health professionals led to little action and change. Acres U.S.A. is working to take this resolution to a local level and to foster positive action to protect our soil and education on the importance of sound soil management.

We collected the signatures of more than 20 organizations and 40 individuals, including the Rodale Institute, The Savory Institute, the Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance, and Swift Communications  all pledging their support of soil health and its practitioners. Many more supported our cause online, and all told, more than 1,378,425 people celebrated soil health and its importance with us!

You can view all the organizations and individuals who signed at the bottom of this page.

This Year

In 2020, we are hosting a video contest, “The Dirt on Soil: What Does Soil Health Mean to You?”, and the winner will get a chance to attend the Acres U.S.A. Eco-Ag Conference in Columbus, Ohio this December!

To participate, send in a short video—thirty seconds or less—telling us what soil health means to you. Find the details and submit your video here: https://www.acresusa.com/pages/the-dirt-on-soil#/gallery

We are also asking individuals, businesses, organizations and even government officials to sign the resolution to pledge their support of soil health and soil health professionals.

Sign the Resolution Today!

Here are a few important facts you can share about soil health:

What is the Potential Economic Impact of Soil Health?

Agriculture, food and related industries contribute $992 billion (5.5 percent) to the U.S. GDP (USDA ERS 2015). Agriculture and its related industries provide 11 percent of U.S. employment. (American Farmland Trust)

Does Soil Health Go Beyond Agriculture?

Well-managed agricultural land provides open space and scenic views; biodiversity and wildlife habitat; and critical ecological services like fire suppression, floodplain management, and carbon sequestration (Heimlich and Krupa 1994; Northeast Regional Center for Rural Development 2003; Hellerstein et al. 2002; Farm Foundation 2004; Swinton et. al. 2007; Duke 2008; Freedgood and Fydenkez 2017). (American Farmland Trust)

Are Soil Health & Climate Change Related?

Farmers and ranchers manage more than one billion acres of U.S. land, and agricultural practices that sequester carbon and improve soil health—increasing soil productivity, resiliency, and versatility—are the next frontier of agricultural innovation. (American Farmland Trust)

Is this the same as World Soils Day?

No, but we support that day too. World Soils Day was created by the UN in 2015 and is celebrated Dec. 5 to focus on world hunger. Soil Health Day is on June 23, and was created to celebrate soil professionals, farmers and growers who are focused not just on soil conservation, but feeding and enhancing our global soil health. 

A Letter from Acres U.S.A. Publisher, Ryan Slabaugh: On June 23rd, think soil

Learn More: 

Healthy Soil, Defined by Gary Zimmer

True Soil Health: Create the Capacity To Function Without Intervention by Gary Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer-Durand

Building the Microbial Bridge for Soil Health by Gary Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer-Durand

Farming to Improve Soil Health by Gary Zimmer and Leilani Zimmer-Durand

Soil Health, Quality & Microbial Diversityby Bob Kremer, Ph.D.

Download the media kit

National Soil Health Day Resolution

Recognizing soil as an essential natural resource, and soils professionals as playing a critical role in managing our Nation's soil resources.

We/I considered and agreed to:

  • Recognizing soil as an essential natural resource, and soils professionals as playing a critical role in managing our Nation's soil resources.
  • Whereas soil, plant, animal, and human health are intricately linked and the sustainable use of soil affects climate, water and air quality, human health, biodiversity, food safety, and agricultural production;
  • Whereas soil is a dynamic system which performs many functions and services vital to human activities and ecosystems;
  • Whereas, despite soil's importance to human health, the environment, nutrition and food, feed, fiber, and fuel production, there is little public awareness of the importance of soil protection;
  • Whereas the degradation of soil can be rapid, while the formation and regeneration processes can be very slow;
  • Whereas protection of United States soil based on the principles of preservation and enhancement of soil functions, prevention of soil degradation, mitigation of detrimental use, and restoration of degraded soils is essential to the long-term prosperity of the United States;
  • Whereas legislation in the areas of organic, industrial, chemical, biological, and medical waste pollution prevention and control should consider soil protection provisions;
  • Whereas legislation on climate change, water quality, agriculture, and rural development should offer a coherent and effective legislative framework for common principles and objectives that are aimed at protection and sustainable use of soils in the United States;
  • Whereas soil contamination coupled with poor or inappropriate soil-management practices continues to leave contaminated sites unremediated; and
  • Whereas soil can be managed in a sustainable manner, which preserves its capacity to deliver ecological, economic, and social benefits, while maintaining its value for future generations: Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, That I (We):

  1. recognize it as necessary to improve knowledge, exchange information, and develop and implement best practices for soil management, soil restoration, carbon sequestration, and long-term use of the Nation's soil resources;
  2. recognize the important role of soil scientists and soils professionals, who are well-equipped with the information and experience needed to address the issues of today and those of tomorrow in managing the Nation's soil resources;
  3. commend soil scientists and soils professionals for their efforts to promote education, outreach, and awareness necessary for generating more public interest in and appreciation for soils; and
  4. acknowledge the promise of soil scientists and soils professionals to continue to enrich the lives of all Americans by improving stewardship of the soil, combating soil degradation, and ensuring the future protection and sustainable use of our air, soil, and water resources.

Confirm you support the resolution by giving us your name and email address below, or print out a copy of the resolution (Government, Individual, Business/Organization) and mail it back to Acres U.S.A., c/o Soil Health, PO Box 1690, Greeley, CO 80632. 

Sign the resolution here.



We will continue to update this page with organizations and individuals who sign the resolution and partner with us to celebrate Soil Health Day. The individuals and organizations who have pledged their support so far are:



  • Adrian Ferrero
  • Adrienne Heinzelman
  • Adrienne Smith
  • Alan Daugherty
  • Alfredo Gutiarrez
  • Anne Anderson
  • Antonio Uckmar
  • Bart Smith
  • Ben Trollinger
  • Bernie Lickteig
  • Betsy Builta
  • BJ Gann
  • Brittany Pimental
  • Bryon Moore
  • Cameron Ehrlich
  • Carrie Dutmer
  • Catherine Taylor
  • Cathy Payne
  • Chad Kuskie
  • Cherie Stachey
  • Chris Graham
  • Christopher Barnier
  • Clayton Boesen
  • Cody Hitchcock
  • Dan Backstrom
  • Daniel Phillips
  • Daniel Rush
  • Darrell Koerner
  • Dave Horn
  • Dave Waldruff
  • David Paladines
  • David Shaw
  • Debbie Kuskie
  • Debra Pflug
  • Donald Wagner
  • Douglas Reaves
  • Dr. Mary Cole
  • Ed Trammell
  • Edward Clark
  • Edward James Traub
  • Eli Horyza
  • Eliza Walbridge
  • Elizabeth Fields
  • Ernie Duckworth
  • Fred Walters
  • Gary Lively
  • Gaye Torjusen
  • Gerald Slezak
  • Guillaume Hennequin
  • Hannah Fields
  • Hannah Covington
  • Heather Fields
  • Heather Sears
  • Helen Fritsch
  • Helmut Klauer
  • Holly Parks
  • Ilana Moss
  • Iris Kerman
  • James Bell
  • Jason Minton
  • Jessica Smith
  • JJ Johnson
  • Joanna Moore
  • Joanne Blythe
  • Joanne White
  • Jonathan Meessen
  • Jorgen Narvestad Anda
  • Joseph Lindsay
  • Joyce Moore
  • Judith Clark
  • Judith Rubleske
  • July Hepburn
  • Kara Westbrook
  • Karen Butler
  • Karen Grosswendt
  • Karin Ascot
  • Kate Oliva
  • Kathy Hoffman
  • Kathryn Nash
  • Kathryne Fields
  • Katrina Harms
  • Korra Looschen
  • Laura Mullen
  • Linda Lofgren
  • Lisa Geary
  • Liz Welch
  • Loi Bacani
  • Lois Steinberg
  • Lopez Voufo
  • Loraine Green
  • Luke Serbina
  • Lynne Vickery
  • Madeline Miller
  • Magnus
  • Maria Pop
  • Mark Robinson
  • Marsha Browning
  • Marshall McCloud
  • Mary Cain
  • Michael Biltonen
  • Michael Green
  • Michael Miller
  • Michelle Scott
  • Mihail Kennedy
  • Nan Leake
  • Nancy Rissman
  • Neil Hastings
  • Nick Schneider
  • Noel Stratford
  • Pamela Kantarova
  • Pat Paulus
  • Patricia Cook
  • Paul Konig 
  • Paul Mullen
  • Paul Rossi
  • Peter Gwynne
  • Phil Fields
  • Sally Jo Nelton
  • Samuel Fields
  • Sarah Day Levesque
  • Scott Quigley
  • Sean Izbinski
  • Segundo Nazti
  • Shana Redmon
  • Sharon Fortunak
  • Siddaram Laxman Mulage
  • Soo Sun Choe
  • Steph Merkle
  • Steven Chittick
  • Sue-Ellen Smith
  • Susan Wright
  • Rachael Phillips
  • Rachel Wobeter
  • Ray Busby
  • Rhys Fuller
  • Rick Rocha
  • Richard Roland
  • Ross
  • Roxie Daggett
  • Ryan Slabaugh
  • Theresa Zelazny
  • Thomas Benedict
  • Thomas Koenen
  • Tim Dyer
  • Tim Parton
  • Tim Van Meter
  • Todd Swartz
  • Tom Basden
  • Verónica Martín
  • Wayne Krekoski 
  • Wilbrord Braakman
  • Wili Lehner
  • Yvette Louis



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