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Please contact account manager Jorge Abrego with any questions or to reserve advertising space. 


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  • Monthly magazine, founded in 1971
  • 10,000 paid subscribers; 3,000 on-rack sales
  • 70% male; 30% female
  • 2/3 of our audience is 50 or older
  • 84% are homeowners
  • 28% make more than $100,000 in annual income


  • Two websites:;
  • 125,000 page views/month and growing (Updated April 2019)
  • 55% male; 45% female
  • Age demographics are evenly split between 18 and 65
  • Top outside interest include home improvement
  • 91% of farmers take mobile device with them into the field


  • 2,000+ customers are expected to attend in-person Acres U.S.A. events in 2020
  • Age demographics are evenly split between 18 and 85
  • Even distribution of operations throughout the country
  • Trade Shows, Sponsorships & More

Interested In:

  • 86.67% is extremely interested in soil management
  • 57.94% is extremely interested in human health & nutrition
  • 52.09% is extremely interested in biology
  • 49.58% is extremely interested in pest management techniques
  • 42.90% is extremely interested in fertilizer inputs


  • 89% are at least somewhat interested in economics
  • 88% are at least somewhat interested in equipment & technology
  • 85% are at least somewhat interested in business tips
  • 81% are at least somewhat interested in certified organics


  • 91% will be purchasing seeds this year
  • 84% are actively looking for more education
  • 68% will conduct a soil test this year
  • 53% will be likely to purchase livestock this year
  • 49% are at least somewhat likely to purchase new technology
  • 41% are at least somewhat likely to purchase new machinery
  • 25% actively work with agricultural consultants
  • 22% will be likely to purchase land this year

Solving Problems:

Our audience said these were their biggest challenges:

  • Weather/Climate: 73.3%
  • Politics: 36.83%
  • Labor: 30.59%
  • Access to Market: 24.36%
  • Consumer Demand: 18.2%

Always Learning:

  • Books: 88%
  • Websites: 86%
  • Magazines: 76%
  • Neighbors & Friends: 52%

2020 Media KitDownload and share our 2020 Media Kit here.

“Acres U.S.A. is the world’s leading forum for ecological food and agriculture. This magazine is not afraid to print the unspeakable and dares to challenge the most entrenched paradigms of conventional scientific thought. A true masterpiece.”

▬ Joel Salatin, Polyface Farms, Swoope, Virginia, Author

“Acres U.S.A. has always been an island of strength and stability amidst raging waters. If you think back to the beginnings of chemical agriculture in the 1850s it was nearly a century before that method truly stormed the world. What Rudolf Steiner initiated in response to chemical agriculture in 1924 is similarly slow in emerging as a truly scientific method, but it is emerging and may very well "go viral" in a similar time frame. If it does so it will be because of such efforts as Acres U.S.A., and it won't be driven by huge chemical conglomerates, it will be driven by grassroots farmers.”

▬ Hugh Lovel, Consultant, U.S. & Australia, Author

“I regard Acres U.S.A. as the most valuable farming magazine in the world. It is always at the cutting edge of agricultural systems with technical information that you will not find in other publications. Very importantly for me are the real world examples from farmers and the various systems that they use. Applying this information has made a great difference to the productivity of my farm. I have been subscribing to Acres for around 20 years and look forward to receiving my copy every month.”

— André Leu, Farmer, Australia, Regeneration International


Please contact account manager Jorge Abrego with any questions or to reserve advertising space.
EmailAdvertising Manager Jorge Abrego




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