Meet Our Authors

Charles Walters

Charles Walters is the founder of Acres U.S.A., and completed more than a dozen Charles Waltersbooks as he edited Acres U.S.A., while co-authoring several others. A tireless traveler, Walters journeyed around the world to research sustainable agriculture, and his trip to China in 1976 inspired others to travel to this then-mysterious society. By the time of his death in 2009, Charles Walters could honestly say he changed the world for the better. He wrote a number of important books that broke the door wide open for further research on non-toxic farming methods. 


Dr. Maynard Murray

Dr. Maynard Murray began his life long research in sea energy agriculture in 1936. His goal: to get the perfect chemistry (consistency, balaMaynard Murraynce and proportion) of the ocean back into the depleted soils. He felt this was the key to proper nutrition, a stronger immune system and a longer, healthier life. Dr. Murray undertook a variety of experiments to unearth the secrets of the sea, often wondering why land-based animals suffered from so many forms of chronic disease while sea animals generally enjoyed vigorous health. Over the years, Dr. Murray’s research would take him across the United States, from Massachusetts to Florida in search of answers.

Sea Energy Agriculture, the science that Dr. Murray uncovered lay largely dormant during the next 20 years until a dedicated effort was initiated to rescue this essential knowledge from oblivion. Dr. Murray began his trials with sea solids after he had started with coastal waters that had become increasingly toxic and unusable. OceanGrown has shifted from using sea solids (crystals are problematic for several reasons; many elements are lost during evaporation, crystals do not go back into solution easily or reliably, they are difficult to apply, and are a natural desiccant and therefore tend to clump in humid environments), back to an improved OceanSolution extract harvested from the deep clean ocean and suitable for all plants. This has required major investment in the design of machinery that can extract the minerals without damaging the aerobic bacteria that is abundant in seawater and is important for revitalizing damaged soils. One advantage of extracting minerals is the reduction in handling, storage and shipping costs.


Dr. William A. Albrecht

William A. Albrecht, Ph.D., was undoubtedly the preeminent soil scientist of his time. During his long and distinguished career, Dr. Albrecht made the case for an William Albrechtagronomy based on healthy, balanced soil ecosystems rather than simplistic chemical inputs, even as this latter approach was being introduced as the “scientific” agriculture of the future. Time has shown the destructiveness of chemical agriculture, as more and more farmers and agronomists are turning to the genuine science of Dr. Albrecht, whose observations and precepts are as applicable today as when they were first written. His series of books, edited and refined together by Acres U.S.A., can be purchased individually, or as a complete set.