Edwin Blosser MP3: Building Humus in Your Soil

Edwin Blosser

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Humus is an often-misunderstood term, and Edwin Blosser, an established instructor on all facets of soil health, is here to help you understand it better. By understanding humus, the key layers of your soil that help foster life, nutritional flow and root and plant development, you will better understand your overall farming program, including aspects like fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and tilling. Blosser is also a master at teaching how to build large-scale compost systems, and how biological farming systems can both foster humus, build plant yields, and create fewer management challenges for the land owner. Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of the life happening under their feet as they walk the fields. Recorded live at the 2019 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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