The Turnaround: A Rancher's Story

David Pratt


Land rich and cash poor, supported by off-farm income, Wayne and Lori are working harder and falling further behind. Wayne is frustrated. Lori is tired. Burning the candle at both ends, they treat life as though it is something that is going to happen later. But it's been over 10 years. How long do they have to wait? They wonder if it's possible to have a ranch and a life.

Introduced to Ranching for Profit School principles by their neighbors, Wayne and Lori begin their journey toward a happier, more prosperous future. The Turnaround is their story...a story that will help you begin your own journey toward a brighter future.

SKU 7639. Copyright 2020, softcover, 285 pages.

About the author:

Dave Pratt is one of the world's most respected authorities on sustainable ranching. His programs have benefited thousands of farm and ranch families on millions of acres. 

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