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The Acres U.S.A. May 2018 issue; Vol. 48, No. 5; contains the following:


Quest for Quality Starts in Soil
by Leigh Glenn
At two Virginia-based farms, Broadfork and Hill Farm, the quest for quality with a focus on growing nutrient-dense food through healthy soil is the common denominator. 

Plan for the Future
by Abbey & Spencer Smith
Beyond cost savings, carbon farming results in improved fertility, water usage and nutrient density, less toxicity and a longer life. Get the lowdown on carbon farming techniques and benefits.

Citrus Greening Solutions
by Debra Atlas
There is currently no cure for citrus greening and losses in the billions are impacting U.S. farmers, but outside-the-box thinkers are developing creative methods of detection and prevention.

Building A Successful Farm Team
by Joel Salatin
Joel Salatin discusses the ins and outs of non-employee help from his experience at Polyface farm, including compensation beyond an hourly wage format to encourage innovation and a sense of personal responsibility. 

Meet the Vibrating Weed Broom
by Takao Furuno
Organic farmer Takao Furuno shares the plans and specifics of a DIY, low-cost, hand-held tool for inter-row and interplant weeding.

Mycorrhizae Make a Difference
by Paul Reed Hepperly, David Douds & Mike Amaranthus
Mycorrhizal fungi can improve plant health and act as a kind of drought insurance as farmers struggle with the effects of a less predictable, changing climate.

After the Harvest
by Jill Henderson
With food insecurity on the rise in America, groups are teaming up with the help of farmers and volunteers to glean fields, large and small, and give to food banks and other organizations. 

Interview: Alan Kapuler
Seeds of Organic Farming
Scientist, Organic Farmer & Seedsman Alan Kapuler Discusses Organic Farming’s Past, Present & Future


View from the Country
Monthly musings from Acres U.S.A.’s publisher. 

Letters to the Editor
Readers share their thoughts on past articles and words of encouragement.

Opinion: The Industrialization of Organic Dairy
The Cornucopia Institute’s Mark Kastel sheds light on the history of organic dairy and asserts that factory farms, some milking as many as 15,000 cows in desert-like conditions in the Southwest, are defrauding consumers of the documented nutritional-superiority in pasture-based organic dairy production.

News in brief from around the world on developments in eco-farming technology, organic food and farming, human health and vital environmental issues.

Science on Your Side
Acres U.S.A. highlights recent research and what it means for you.

The Harvest Table: Meat is Life
In part 2 of this three-part series of articles, farmer Andrew French explores the ethics, ecology and economy of raising and eating animals.

Stock & Flock: Permaculture in the Pasture
The advantages of permaculture’s ability to maintain soil quality, as well as managing weeds and pests, can be tempting for those looking to adopt a whole-farm approach and maximize the productivity and health of pastureland.

Small-Scale Success: Becoming a True Teacher
Plant breeder Robert Schick explains the joys and sorrows of creation and loss of plant varieties in the home garden.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here’s what’s on our radar.



We let you know when and where exciting eco-farming events are happening.

Meet an Eco-Farmer
Get to know fellow innovative farmers putting ecologically correct production principles to work, resulting in profitable, sustainable operations. 

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