Dung Beetles

Charles Walters

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An AcresUSA Classic!

Dung beetles have always been nature’s greatest recyclers — in a way, they were the first organic farmers. They were also the first casualties of industrial farming. As farmers rediscover the many benefits of grass-based livestock production, dung beetles are given a solid shot at reestablishing their rightful place on the farm and ranch.

Charles Walters digs deep into modern science and ancient history, traditional folklore and the best practical advice to resurrect the lowly dung beetle, exposing farmers and ranchers — and anyone with a desire to work more closely with nature — to this amazing creature. Meet the world’s leading scientists and farmer/researchers who have dedicated years to understanding the roles, actions and value of dung beetles in bringing a grazing operation into compliance with nature’s laws, and then harvest the profits. Anyone interested in organic forms of farming will be enchanted by the intriguing tale of the dung beetle.

Copyright 2008, softcover, 215 pages. 48 per case.

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David C.
Ireland Ireland
Review of Dung Beetles by an Irish Farmer

An interesting book for those interested in the important work that these creatures carry out. Illustrations somewhat lost on the poor quality of paper which was a pity. A useful reference book to have. Clearly written but perhaps could have given a little more space to European beetles though one must bear in mind where the main captive audience/readers live. Happy to have it in my reference books.

Fred B.
The dung Beatle

I really enjoyed this book,there is alot of info that is hard to find in this book.

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