Albrecht's Foundation Concepts, Vol. I

William A. Albrecht


This valuable collection of essays reveals the insights of a brilliant soil scientist who was ahead of his time. In this volume, readers will find a carefully organized and convincing explanation of the relationship between plants and animals. Dr. William Albrecht sustains his theory and observation that a declining soil fertility, due to a lack of organic material, major elements, and trace minerals – or a marked imbalance in these nutrients – was responsible for poor crops and in turn for pathological conditions in animals fed deficient feeds from soils. These papers addressed to scientists, and especially to farmers who worked with nature are an invaluable foundation for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture. 

Copyright, 1975, 2011, softcover, 515 pages. 20 in a case.

Table of Contents – A Sample

  • Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition
  • Nitrogen-Fixation as Influenced by Calcium
  • Soil Acidity is Beneficial, Not Harmful
  • Fertilizing Soils With Nitrogen
  • The Soil Nitrogen Supply is Still a Big Problem
  • Trace Elements and the Production of Proteins
  • Plants — Protected by Fertile Soil
  • Soil Fertility — The Basis for Formulating an Agricultural Policy
  • Neglect of Soil Fertility Reflected in Farm Animals
  • Hidden Hungers Point to Soil Fertility
  • Soil Microbes Get Their Food First
  • Soil Management by Nature or Man

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About William A. Albrecht

Dr. William A. AlbrechtWilliam A. Albrecht (1888–1974) Ph.D., was undoubtedly the preeminent soil scientist of his time. During his long and distinguished career, Dr. Albrecht made the case for an agronomy based on healthy soil ecosystems rather than simplistic chemical inputs, even as this latter approach was being introduced as the “scientific” agriculture of the future. Dr. Albrecht was a prolific author of articles, books, and scientific reports; upon his death in 1974, his research was willed to Acres U.S.A. founder and his personal friend, Charles Walters. Dr. Albrecht’s work continues to be published and rings just as true today as it did when first discovered.

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Sylvia D.
United States United States
Albrecht’s Foundation Concepts, Vol.1

The contents of this book are outstanding. The material is well edited, and as someone who is fairly new to the science presented, I find it fascinating. However my experience with the physical book is somewhat different. The inside margins of the pages are way too narrow, and because the spine of the book is very stiff, it is quite difficult to open the book up enough so that reading is comfortable and easy. It would be great if subsequent editions could address this situation by either widening inside margins or creating a softer binding that would allow the book to open up more easily.

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