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Farmer's daughter Maureen agreed completely with her mother's admonition: Never marry a farmer. Her marriage to a science geek with a good job meant a house on a lake and clean hands-until the farmer hidden inside him started scrabbling to escape. What began as a willingness to put up with his buying a tractor and renting a field becomes an all- encompassing endeavor to learn how to drive, raise, train, and work draft horses, grow and sell their crops, care for the land they had learned to love, maintain a sense of humor, and keep themselves and their children safe in the face of runaway teams, straight-line winds, and sub-zero temperatures. Holding the Lines is the story of a very ordinary woman's decision to find meaning in horses, hard work, love, and potatoes.

Copyright 2023, Hardcover, 250 pages, SKU 7795.

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