The Preserving Answer Book

Sherri Brooks Vinton


In this handy reference, expert Sherri Brooks Vinton offers reassuring advice, answers frequently asked questions, and addresses all the most common concerns about canning, freezing, dehydrating, fermenting, pickling, root cellaring, and more. You'll also find tips on must-have equipment, workspace setup, and the best ways to store and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Whether you want to freeze five quarts of just-picked berries or safely can jars of your tomato-meat sauce, this is the companion you need in the kitchen.

Copyright 2014. Softcover. 256 pages.

Praise for The Preserving Answer Book:

"This book should be a required resource for all new canners. It dives deep while also managing to be accessible and unintimidating." -Marisa McClellan, Food in Jars

"Sherri Brooks Vinton is ready to answer all your oddball questions. I can't tear myself away from this book." -Dorothy Reinhold, Shockingly Delicious

About the Author:

Sherri Brooks Vinton is the best-selling author of Put 'Em Up! and Put 'Em Up! Fruit. Through her books, appearances, and hands-on workshop, she has taught countless eaters how to find, cook, and preserve local, seasonal food. Find her online at 

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