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The Acres U.S.A. March 2016 issue; Vol. 46, No. 3; contains the following:


A Passion for Quality Meat
by Samm Simpson
An innovative project has yielded an in demand North Carolina-based processing plant, with an exceptional young farmer at the helm, helping to boost multi-state sustainable meat production.

Proper Winter Poultry Care
by Kelly Klober
From the best lighting scheme to supplementing nutrients and maintaining laying productivity, livestock expert Kelly Klober shares tips for keeping your chickens in top shape during the colder months.

Strengthen Flock Performance
by Kelly Klober
It was once a fairly common practice to regularly take developing female replacements and the laying flock members in hand for individual evaluations. Find out how the Hogan Method can aid in management and culling decisions.

Aronia Berry Benefits
by Barbara Adams
The aronia industry is still young, but the crop shows growing potential for profitable returns and value-added opportunities.

Avian Influenza: Flock Security
by Tamara Scully
No matter how large or small the flock, or whether or not it is pastured, all poultry can become infected with avian influenza. Commonsense approaches can help keep your birds healthy.

by Carry Rideout
Few wild creatures have the fearsome reputation for barnyard mayhem the tiny weasel does — learn how to construct a trap to protect your flock.

A Furrow Horse for the Community
by Andrea Watts
Washington couple trades their tractor for draft horses and finds a new appreciation for an old way of farming.

New FDA Regulations for Food Businesses
by Judith McGeary
FDA’s new food safety regulations are here, the culmination of years of debate that started with the congressional debates over the Food Safety Modernization Act in 2010. While the deadlines for coming into compliance are still a ways off, farmers and food businesses need to pay attention now.

Passing the Hat
by Eric Gibson
With bank loans hard to come by, many farmers are looking for alternative sources of capital, and one of the new models seeing success is online crowdfunding.

Novel Use for ‘Weed Tree’
by Jack Petree
Three Oregon businesses have been unified in pursuing their individual passions for environmental sustainability by a tree and its potential for use in sustainable agricultural pursuits.

Interview: David Montgomery & Anne Biklé
Connecting the Macro Microworlds
Authors, scientists David Montgomery and Anne Biklé dig into the human, soil microbiome.


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