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The Acres U.S.A. February 2018 issue; Vol. 48, No. 2; contains the following:


Earth-Restorative Fiber Production
by Barbara Berst Adams
Whether it’s global fashion brands or local blue jeans, current and aspiring eco-fiber farmers have a growing network of organizations supporting their markets and education as we move toward a more beneficial fiber and textile industry.

A Blooming Business
by Tamara Scully
The beautiful peonies at Swenson Gardens — where 10,000 to 15,000 peonies are planted at any given time, plus many thousands of seedlings — make it a fantastic site to behold in bloom.

Forest-Fed Hogs
by Joshua Burman Thayer
In a quiet holler of rural West Virginia Dr. Chuck Talbott is focused on demonstrating the potential of sustainable hog production in the central forest region of Appalachia. 

2017 Acres U.S.A. Conference
by Tara Maxwell
Attendees from across the United States and around the globe converged at the 2017 Acres U.S.A. Conference in Columbus, Ohio, for an invaluable learning and networking opportunity.

Organic Seed Production
by Tracy Frisch
Before organic farmers get deep into seed production, they should try to gain some insight into economic considerations from growers already in the business.

Harvesting Fertility from the Sea
by Francesca Camillo
Find out how one company is using traditional methods to gather wild kelp and turn it into high-quality livestock products. 

Organic Grape Solutions
by Rocky Womack
Loving Cup Vineyard & Winery is working in conjunction with Virginia Tech to trial new methods for protecting organic wine grapes from pests, disease.

Top 10 Tools for Eco-Farmers
by Andrew French
Wisconsin farmer Andrew French discusses his top tool picks for for small-scale farmers and homesteaders.  

Interview: Steven Stoll
Appalachia: A History Remembered
Historian, author Steven Stoll provides an in-depth look at the struggle of the Appalachian people and their battle for autonomy, land.


View from the Country
Monthly musings from Acres U.S.A.’s publisher.

Letters to the Editor
Readers share their thoughts on past articles and words of encouragement.

Opinion: Organic Standards: What’s Next?
Rather than mourn the demise of the USDA organic standards or fruitlessly complain about how the USDA Organic label is being undermined by corrupt corporations, Ronnie Cummins advocates for a new complementary certification. 

News in brief from around the world on developments in eco-farming technology, organic food and farming, human health and vital environmental issues.

Science on Your Side
Acres U.S.A. highlights recent research and what it means for you.

The Harvest Table: Desert Sentinel: Saguaro Cactus
Every summer the cactus blossoms bloom and their white flowers turn into sweet fruit that begs to be picked before the rains come and make the fruits inedible.

Stock & Flock: Fields of Green
Ireland is a land known for its beautiful green grass and fertile pastures. Its farmers use successful economic farming practices tried and tested by generations of farmers.

Small-Scale Success: Urban Farming
A well-planned urban farm can thrive by matching the correct mix of crops to the myriad markets available in an urban setting.

Reviews & Recommendations
From in-depth book reviews to innovative websites and beyond, here’s what’s on our radar.



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