The Biological Farmer & Advancing Biological Farming Combo

Gary F. Zimmer / Gary F. Zimmer & Leilani Zimmer-Durand

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Biological farming does not mean less production; it means eliminating obstacles to healthy, efficient production. It’s a safe and sustainable system designed to keep production up. Biological farming improves the environment, reduces disease and insect problems and alters weed pressure — and it accomplishes this by working in harmony with nature. Learn more about biological farming including how to take care of your soil life and how to use fertilizers properly to correct mineral and nutrient imbalances for a balanced, healthy soil that promises greater productivity at lower costs. Zimmer knows how to make responsible, sustainable farming work. Softcover, 518 pages.


One of the leading authorities on biological farming, Zimmer is recognized for improving farming by restoring soils. Arguing that an optimally productive soil contains a balance of inorganic minerals, organic materials and living organisms, he relies less on modern improvements than on “the things we’ve learned by improving fertility in a natural, sustainable way over many years.” This book offers invaluable scientific support for committed organic farmers as well as conventional farmers who’d like to reduce chemical inputs and use natural processes to their advantage. Advancing Biological Farming updates and expands upon Zimmer’s classic, The Biological Farmer. Technically precise yet written in friendly language, this book is for everyone who wants a future in bio-logical farming. Softcover, 244 pages.

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