Steve Diver: Soil Testing and Mineral Balancing for Nutrient-Dense Crops MP3

Steve Diver

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The importance of soil testing and balanced mineral nutrition for soil, animal, and human health were established as one of the founding principles of eco-agriculture, pioneered by Dr. William Albrecht and Carey Reams, MD. This session will emphasize the importance of amending your soils with a suite of minerals and trace elements to produce nutrient-dense crops, which possess sought-after flavor and promote pest resistance. Learn about soil testing laboratories that offer a holistic soil test, how to interpret soil test results, and how to apply a blend of balanced soil minerals. Learn why soil mineralization and soil biology management have a synergistic effect.

Steve Diver is the Farm Superintendent at the Horticulture Research Farm, University of Kentucky. He is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in horticulture.

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