zzzBetter Health and a Plan to Achieve It

Hugh H. Bassham

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"Get fit fast!" "Six pack abs in two weeks!" "Find happiness now!" We've all heard the hype. We've watched the infomercials. We all want to believe there is an easy fix-it plan for that extra flab and those seasonal blues. Yet, with all the books we buy and gimmicks we fall far, do we ever reach actual health? Do we ever find the secret to stopping the worry? Or are we missing a piece of this puzzle?

Dr. Hugh Bassham's Better Health and a Plan to Achieve it is the inspired compilation of his 1993 book, The Search for Total Health, and his 2007 booklet, A Plan for Better Health. Bassham's insight bridges the gap between physical spiritual equilibrium. It takes a look at how our physical health affects our spiritual well-being and what the Bible says about our fitness, as well as our joy.

Bassham's analysis is simple and direct, intended to inform and inspire any follower of Christ, or anyone who is looking to improve upon the internal as well as external. There is no hype. There are no overpowering claims or promises. Better Health and a Plan to Achieve It shows that physical and spiritual health are linked, and how, with better understanding, more awareness, and proven plan to follow so we can achieve better health. 

"The quality of a civilization depends on a balance of body, mind, and spirit of its people, measured on a scale less human than divine. No one of these elements can be greatly overemphasized or neglected without disastrous results." – Charles Lindbergh

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