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The Acres U.S.A. June 2016 issue; Vol. 46, No. 6; contains the following:


Helming a Horse- Powered CSA
by Tracy Frisch
The most unusual thing about Natural Roots is that it operates without a single tractor. Instead of a fleet of diesel guzzling engines, this diversified farm runs on five workhorses that power everything from field tillage to hauling produce out of the field.

Handling the Heat
by Hue Karreman, V.M.D.
When temperatures climb, pastured dairy cows can suffer heat stress and even heat stroke, leading to decreased milk production and illness. Find out how to keep your cows healthy and productive during the summertime.

Rock Steady
by Andrew French
Situated near Amery, Wisconsin, Turnip Rock Farm is a family operation that embodies the spirit of resilience and now produces in-demand specialty cheeses.

A Sheep Producer’s Best Friend
by Denice Rackley
A good herding dog can be worth its weight in gold to a livestock operation. Indiana sheep producer Denice Racily shares advice for using Border Collies to manage your flock.

7 Stockmanship Lessons for Success
by Kelly Klober
From focusing on keen observation to avoiding fleeting fads, take heed of these seven keys for raising livestock.

Raising Goats in the Desert
by Anav T. Silverman
In the heart of southern Israel’s Arava desert, against the backdrop of the red Edom Mountains, is a sustainable desert farm flowing with goat milk. The family-run Ofaimme Farm produces a variety of organic goat cheeses and yogurts, as well as organic fruit.

Managing Land & Livestock
by Rachel Jones
Becker Family Stock Farm’s success is due to Sonja Becker’s ability to take initiative, to experiment and to work closely with nature and her local community to raise hardy, healthy animals.

From Military Man to Farmer
by Richard J. Skelly
An Air Force veteran discovers a new calling raising grass-fed lambs in the Garden State.

Interview: Courtney White
Finding Common Ground
Author, advocate Courtney White unites groups at odds through regenerative agriculture.


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