Greg Judy: Mob Grazing and the Explosion of Soil Life MP3

Greg Judy

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Greg Judy is a Missouri-based grass farmer who has developed and propelled the art of so-called "mob-grazing," an amazing phenomenon. He taught a crowd at the 2013 Acres U.S.A. annual conference about his techniques to bring about an explosion of life in the soil, and how his techniques can help any farmer rescue damaged soil. He firmly believes in multi-purpose livestock, not just for meat and milk, but for how they can contribute and help maintain a healthy soil for other crops.

Along with his wife Jan, Greg Judy of Clark, Missouri, runs a grazing operation on 1,620 acres of leased and owned land. Greg and Jan went from near bankruptcy in 1999 to paying off a 200-acre farm and house in three years with custom grazing on leased land and are completely debt free today.

Today they own 4 farms and lease 12 farms. Holistic High Density Planned Grazing is used to graze cow/calf pairs, bred heifers, bulls, and stockers. They own a 350 head grass genetic cow herd, 200 hair sheep flock, graze heritage breed pigs, train guardian dogs, and raise shitake mushrooms. They have also begun an on-farm sawmill operation to direct market lumber from the timbered areas on their farms. They direct market grass-fed beef, lamb, pork, mushrooms and lumber. They also market grass genetic bulls and heifers along with parasite resistant rams and ewe lambs.

Greg & Jan also have a ranch internship program that brings young folks onto their ranch to teach them how to manage their own successful grazing operations.

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