2018 Eco-Ag Conference Poster

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The 2018 Eco-Ag Conference was a great success! We had a fantastic time, and many of our attendees have told us they did as well. To see photos from the conference, view our blog post here.

This is the official poster of the 2018 conference, with a listing of all the speakers who presented, plus the date and location. It's the perfect way to brighten up an office wall and call back fond memories of the conference.  

Full list of speakers on conference poster

Keynote speakers

Joel Salatin
Eliot Coleman
Daniella Ibarra-Howell


Gabe Brown
Don Huber
Gary Zimmer
John Kempf
Jeff Moyer
Dan Kittredge
Mark Shepard
Nasha Winters
Brendon Rockey
Fred Provenza
Glen Rabenberg
Charles Massy
Vail Dixon
Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin
Edwin Blosser
Mike Callicrate
Hugh Lovel
Pamela Marrone
Steve Tucker
Leilani Zimmer Durand
Raymond Yoder, Jr.
Mary Berry
Nick Barnard
Paul Dorrance
Judith McGeary
Steve Diver
Julia Hofmeister
Ed Curry
Matthew D. Kleinhenz
Nicole DelCogliano
Kris Nichols
Nicolette Hahn Niman
Aaron Weaver
Wayne Wengerd

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