The Ecological Gardener

Matt Rees-Warren


Transform your garden into a self-sustaining haven for nature and wildlife. Ecological garden designer Matt Rees-Warren shares inspirational design ideas and practical projects to help you create a garden that is both beautiful today and sustainable tomorrow.

The Ecological Gardner will give you the tools to create an abundant, health garden from the soil up. Inside you'll find practical advice on designing a garden that is welcoming to birds and bees, and allows native plants and wild flowers to flourish, with minimal environmental impact or need for fresh water. Reimagine your garden by: 

  • Finding the right design for your space, including the importance of light, soil and water
  • Producing the right compost teas, it's all explained
  • Harvesting rainwater and other ways to conserve water
  • Creating space for wildlife in your garden, from hedgehogs to bees and other pollinators
  • Growing wildflower meadows, native plants and hedgerows
  • Finding beauty in winter - and the importance of your garden to wildlife all year round

Copyright 2021, softcover, 216 pages.

About the Author:

Matt Rees-Warren is an ecological gardener, designer and writer. During 15 years of life in the ‘outside’, he’s worked for the National Trust, been head gardener at Kilver Court Gardens, Somerset, had articles published in RHS The Garden, Somerset Life, and Country Gardener, and designed gardens for private clients in and around the South West. Through his work, Matt has looked to illuminate, propose and develop ecological gardening methods and practices. As an advocate of organic gardening, permaculture, no-dig gardening and wildlife gardening, among other practices, his style and ethos reflect the changing relationship between ourselves, our gardens and the natural world. 

Praise for The Ecological Gardener:

"Engaging and quirky; full of ideas and inspiration for garden projects that you’ll be itching to try for yourself." —Dave Goulson, author of The Garden Jungle

“Matt Rees-Warren explains why every square inch of Earth, including our gardens, has ecological significance… Excellent, timely, essential!” —Douglas W. Tallamy, author of Nature’s Best Hope

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