Rebirth of the Small Family Farm

Bob & Bonnie Gregson

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This a concise, yet complete handbook for starting a successful organic farm based on the community-supported agriculture concept. Written for farmers and non-farmers alike, the book illustrates how “two middle-aged novices” made a decent living on less than two acres of land. The model explained in the book is an updated version of the diverse market gardens/farms found throughout recorded history. Not just a theory book, it details specific tools, techniques and how-to information. 

Copyright, 1996, 2004, softcover, 64 pages. 70 per case.

Table of Contents

  1. Our First Years on the Farm
  2. What Our Farm Does: An Overview
  3. Key Factors to Success
  4. Start-up Requirements
  5. Overview of Equipment and Supplies
  6. Setting up the Land
  7. Marketing Strategy
  8. Crop Selection and Planning
  9. Starting Plants
  10. Operating a Subscription System Farm
  11. What's Next?
  12. Other Things to Talk About


  • Sources of Materials
  • Island Meadow Farm Crop Selection and Related Data
  • The Most Valuable Periodicals
  • Community Supported Agriculture Resource Organizations

About the Authors

Bob and Bonnie GregsonBonnie grew up in Seattle, attended Colorado Woman’s College on an academic scholarship, but left to get married. She then spent time in construction management and a 12-year career in medical clinical management.

Bob was raised in Pasco, WA, in wheat country, graduated from West Point in 1964 and served in the Army for 6 years. He left the military and obtained an MBA at Dartmouth College, then spent 16 years in management positions with several large and small companies. Bob is past chair of the King County Agriculture Commission, serves on the advisory council to the dean of the College of Agriculture at Washington State University, and is a board member of the Washington Sustainable Food and Farming Network.

Bob and Bonnie left corporate management careers for farming in the late 1980s, were married in 1988, and farmed for 14 years. Their prime interests continue to be growing edibles in the most earth-friendly manner, enjoying and participating in the development of their grandchildren, and “maturing” gracefully.

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