Jerry Brunetti: Appreciating the Farm as an Ecosystem

Jerry Brunetti

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Soil is the very basis of our permission for life on planet Earth. Jerry Brunetti will discuss the concept of soil as an ecosystem. There is a deep connectedness of all of nature and it all starts with the soil. From the cellular level up, all parts of nature talk to each other resulting in — literally — organs of the body of a farm. This master teacher, consultant, and input formulator will explain nature's archetype drawing from lessons elaborated on in his forthcoming book. Learn how to recognize and strive for a level of symbiosis on your farm — a symbiosis that can't even be quantified, that is true healing at every level. By understanding the interplaying dynamics of the various materials and natural processes, farmers can make better decisions about which products will work for their particular situation — both functionally and economically. Expect practical advice and inspiring visions.

Jerry Brunetti is managing director of Agri-Dynamics Inc., a 30-year-old firm that specializes in the formulation and production of nutritional and holistic health products for farm livestock, equine, pets and humans, as well as an ecological line of pest control products for horticulture, agriculture, landscaping and turf. Jerry was an animal science major at North Carolina State University, owned a cow-calf operation in western Virginia, and was a milk marketing manager for the National Farmers Organization. He consults on wide-ranging topics including soils, forages, and holistic healing modalities for livestock and humans and contends there are curiously similar dynamics at work through nature and across breeds and even species. He now lectures around the world. He is a frequent contributor to Acres U.S.A.

Recorded Thursday, December 12, 2013

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