Dean Craine: Biological Farmers Manage Minerals, Microbes & Carbon

Dean Craine

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Successful biological farmers are truly multi-taskers. They balance their soil's minerals, feed their soil's microbial life, and manage their soil's carbon. After 25+ years of farming biologically and working with biological farmers throughout the country, Dean understands the importance of building a firm foundation by balancing soil minerals. He also knows that soil microbes have very important jobs on the farm; and that the biological farmer must pay his microscopic work force with ample food and a safe working environment. Today Dean will show proof that by renewing your focus on wise carbon management you can reduce your purchased N-P-K inputs, boost your soil organic matter and CEC, and increase the value of your farmland. Not to mention managing for carbon builds healthy soils that resist erosion, pests, and weather extremes. And, better yet, he'll tell you how to do it.

Dean Craine is general manager of AgriEnergy Resources in Princeton, Illinois. He has been actively engaged in biological farming since 1982 when he, along with his father and brother, began working with AgriEnergy founder Dave Larson. Today most of Dean's acreage is used for the research and development of products. Prior to being named general manager in 2001, he planned biological soil fertility programs as part of AgriEnergy's agronomy sales team. He is a Certified Crop Advisor and a graduate of Black Hawk East College.

(57 minutes, 3 seconds) Recorded Friday, December 13, 2013

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