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Andre Leu spoke at the 2006 Acres U.S.A. annual conference about the connection between carbon levels and the productivity of soil. Leu is the author of The Myths of Safe Pesticides and the President of IFOAM — Organics International. Andre has over 40 years of experience in all areas of Organic Agriculture, from growing, pest-control, weed management, marketing and post-harvest transport to grower organizations, developing new crops and education - not only in his home country Australia, but across Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.

He has written and published extensively in magazines, newspapers, journals, conference proceedings and newsletters in print and online on many areas of Organic Agriculture including climate change, the environment and the health benefits of organic agronomy.

He was recently invited by the FAO to present research findings from the organic movement at a high-level "Science Fair for a Safer Tomorrow." Andre and his wife, Julia, run an organic tropical fruit orchard in Daintree, Queensland, Australia.

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