2019 Eco-Ag Keynote DVD Bundle

Kathleen Merrigan

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Learn from an inspirational talk by Zach Bush, an informative talk by Carey Gillam, and a head-shaking policy talk by Kathleen Merrigan … plus, a bonus keynote talk from David Montgomery, author and geologist.

BUNDLE-4300 • 4 Discs • Over 4 hours of video • $60.00 (50% savings)

Set includes:

Dr. Zach Bush DVD: Grounds for a Revolution: The Intersection of Soil and Human Health and a Path to Recovery

Join Dr. Zach Bush and a community of eco-farmers for a talk that created a huge buzz at the 2019 Eco-Ag Conference and Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He connects the dots between the huge increase in glyphosate-formulated products and the increase in public health issues around the globe, while pointing out the difference between truly healthy ecosystems and our modern health food fads. 

DVD-4300 • 1 hour, 36 minutes • 1 Disc • $18.00 (40% off!)

Carey Gillam DVD: Unraveling Dependence on Chemical Agriculture

Carey Gillam walks the wide-eyed farmer into the Monsanto/Bayer playbook. How have they historically misled farmers and the general public about the public safety of their products? From award-winning author and journalist Carey Gillam comes a sobering hour, including questions-and-answers from farmers, about the truth behind the largest name in agriculture. Recorded live at the 2019 Eco-Ag Conference and Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

DVD-4301 • 1 hour, 0 minutes • 1 Disc • $18.00 (40% off!)

David Montgomery DVD: Growing a Revolution

David Montgomery explores this duality through laying out the historical roots of the problem and relating his experiences visiting farmers around the world. He’ll share the practices of innovative farmers who have restored fertility to the land. Recorded live at the 2019 Eco-Ag Conference and Trade Show in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

DVD-4302 • 1 hour, 13 minutes • 1 Disc • $18.00 (40% off!)

Kathleen Merrigan DVD: Building a Sustainable Agricultural Future              

Kathleen Merrigan is an expert in food and agriculture policy, having served as deputy secretary of the U.S. Department of Agriculture from 2009-2013. Currently, she teaches at Arizona State University, and led the crowd at the 2019 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show in Minneapolis through a thoughtful discussion on the state of today's agriculture policy.

DVD-4303 • 49 minutes, 32 seconds • 1 Disc • $18.00 (40% off!)

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