The Waste Between Our Ears

Gerry Gillespie


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Subtitle: The Missing Ingredient to Disrupt Climate Change is in the Trash

We know the dire situation:

  • Due to industrial agriculture and the overuse of chemicals, we are actively degrading soils to the point that only a few decades of farming seasons are left;
  • The World Wildlife Fund reported that our way of living has wiped out 60 percent of all mammals, birds, fish, and reptiles since 1970; and
  • Chemical destruction of biological processes poisons our soils, our air, and our water. 

The time for effective change is shrinking.

In this book, writer, researcher and advocate Gerry Gillespie outlines how we can create a global solution, and it starts between our ears. In order to restore our world ecosystems and our vital soils, he wants to change how we think about our trash. Readers will learn why we all need to change our mind about waste management systems, how to reconnect our organic waste to local soil and food growers, and why this leads to more local jobs.

With chapters about source separation, soil management and climate change, and practical approaches to zero waste, Gillespie presents a practical, logical argument for one way to save the world and grow a local economy. In economic and environmental terms, clearly explains how, if waste were collected as source-separated products, more than half of it could be returned to soils as quality compost and biological products. A very large percentage of the remainder can be put back through recycling, re-manufacturing and reusing. And it’s not just theoretical. Gillespie details how this reduction of waste is already being achieved in parts of the world and how we could do it globally … if we could only think differently.

Advocates, nonprofit directors, waste managers, landfill directors, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, eco-farmers and anyone searching for environmental solutions and opportunities with source separation should not only read this book … we must figure out how to change our thinking, and put Gillespie’s plan into action.

#7582 • Softcover • Copyright 2020 • 177 pages 


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