Gardening and Living by the Moon 2023

Four Elements

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Gardening and Living by the Moon Calendar 2023

"After years of requests, I have created the Gardening and Living by the Moon Calendar.

It includes a key for various gardening aspects influenced by the moon cycles through the zodiac cycle.

Learn the best time to sow seeds, plant root crops, harvest, entertain, and even when to add value to your crops.

I have been practicing this aspect of organic growing for about 20 years. I find it fun and rhythmic. It reminds me to weed in the spring and not plant seeds every day! Following the rhythm of the planetary movements puts me in a system of knowing."

“There is a time for every purpose under heaven”

-Four Elements Herbals

SKU 7778, 8.5" x 11" Wall Calendar, 24 pages, full color.

About the Author:

Jane Hawley Stevens began specializing in herbs in 1981 after earning her Horticulture degree from U.W. Madison. Opportunities in herb garden design evolved into using herbs in cooking and home remedies. In 1987 she began Four Elements Organic Herbals, continuing to grow herbs used for wellbeing. Grown and harvested on her 130-acre farm in the Baraboo Bluff of Wisconsin, products are handmade by dedicated local women and sold throughout the country.

A pioneer in organic farming and the natural product industry, Jane has taken her love and reverence for nature to inspire others through her effective products and teaching at organic herb, garden and professional events. Her desire is to connect people consciously to that which sustains them.

Her art and science of herbal wellness has expanded to create Four Elements Herbals product line that sells across the country.

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