All 2014 Acres U.S.A. Conference Lecture & Workshop

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All 2014 Lecture & Workshop CDs 

Recorded in Columbus, Ohio, from Dec. 4-Dec. 6, 2014

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Composting & Compost Utilization 101 by Edwin Blosser

Soil Life 101 by Jeff Lowenfels

Soil Fertility 101 by Joel Simmons

Grazing 101 by Will Winter

Keynote: Winners & Losers in an Acres U.S.A. Economy by Joel Salatin

    Friday, December 5, 2014

    Goat Milk Cheeses — Special Challenges & Unique Opportunities by Gianaclis Caldwell

    Putting “Cow Signals” to Work on Your Farm by Dr. Hue Karreman

    Fertility Problems Caused by Rain by Neal Kinsey

    Diagnosing Soil Potential & Pasture Health — The Silica Story by Hugh Lovel

    The Shocking New Science Behind GMOs & Herbicides by Don Huber, Ph.D.

    CEC-Based Soil Fertility Program in New Zealand by Ron McLean

    Long-Term Eco-Farming Trials — Biology Wins Every Time by Robert Plumb

    Basics of Butchering & Opportunities for Farmers by Cole Ward

    Establishing “Best Practices” for Farming — Ecological & Otherwise by Gary Zimmer

    High-Stock-Density Grazing by Gabe Brown

    Benefits of a Balanced, Biological Fertility System by Don Hart

    Farm-Scale Non-Chemical Weed Control by Jeff Moyer

    Successful Cattle Production by Walt Davis

    A Fresh Look at Understanding Soil by Ellen Polishuk

    Agroforestry & the Eco-Farmer by Mark Shepard

    Water as It Relates to Use Efficiency, Soil Fertility & Crop Nutrition by Dr. Larry Zibilske

    Keynote: Dirt for Brains – How Agriculture Depicts our Health, Intelligence & Future by Dr. Joseph Mercola

    Saturday, December 6, 2014

    The GAPS Diet, Healing the Gut, Healing Your Family by Karen Lyke

    Building Soils with Cover Crops — The 5 Principles of Building Soils by Gabe Brown

    Critical Growth Stages for Optimum Production by Noel Garcia, CCA

    Botanical Medicine for Farm Animals by Dr. Hue Karreman

    Managing Your Farm for Profitability by Ellen Polishuk

    Once-a-Day Milking — Production, Profit & Quality Impacts by Gianaclis Caldwell

    How Plants Eat — A Cosmic Confluence of Cell Biology, Chemistry & Botany by Jeff Lowenfels

    No-Till Complications to Managing Fertility by CEC by Bill McKibben

    Earthworm Power — Vermicompost & Vermicompost Teas in Agriculture by Dane Terrill

    Advancements in Organic No-Till Farming by Jeff Moyer

    Our Health & Our Wealth Start in the Soil by Ray Roettger

    Keyline-Method Farm Water Management by Mark Shepard

    Closing Keynote: Pesticides & Children’s Health by André Leu

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