The Healing of Horses

Carrie Eastman


The Healing of Horses – Carrie Eastman’s latest book – is a guide for unique ways to determine the health of your horse, and holistic ways to prevent disease, treat minor injuries and ensure the highest quality of health for your horses.

Eastman shares the techniques, methods and philosophies she has found most useful. In this introspective work she introduces readers to:

Diagnosing maladies and nutritional and medicinal needs through surrogate reflex analysis

  • Understanding reflex points on horses
  • Insights into diet and nutrition
  • Working with hay, pasture, and feed
  • The role of probiotics in gut health
  • ... and more!

#7574 • Copyright 2020 • Softcover • 160 pages

About the Author

Carrie Eastman was drawn to animals and healing at a young age. As a fan of rare breed conservation, she became involved in breeding myotonic goats, commonly called fainting goats. She adapted her equine methods to her goats, culminating in her first book, The Energetic Goat. With this book, Eastman returns to her first passion – horses. She continues to study health and healing, soils, crops, and nutrition, as well as conscious horsemanship and balanced hoof trimming as well as work in rare horse breeding, the Jilfan Sitam al Bulad Malabar Preservation Program. She shares her home with ten horses, donkeys, goats, chickens and ducks, a dog, cat and turtle, and her husband business partner.

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