The Ethical Omnivore

Laura Dalrymple


We live in an affluent era marked by an increasingly fraught relationship to food, and meat is arguably the most controversial ingredient. There is a communal ache for authenticity, for a way forward with good intent.

The Ethical Omnivore explores the solution: Living with a conscience; asking the right questions of whomever sells you meat or the labels you read; and learning how to respect the animal so much that you're willing to cook something other than chicken breast. This book traces how animals can be raised ethically, and demonstrates some ways regenerative farmers are outstanding in how they care for their animals. It offers tried-and-tested recipes from the Feather and Bone community, from simple and easy weeknight meals to slow roasts for special occasions. And it shows all of us how to live with less impact on the animals and environment that supports us.

SKU 7644. Copyright 2020, hardcover, 255 pages.

Praise for The Ethical Omnivore:

"I can't recommend this book highly enough - science-focused but with a contagiously energetic optimism, it's the antidote to despair we so desperately need. Read it, give it to your friends, then cook for them with whole, natural food. We can start repairing our land and nourishing our souls by dinnertime." - Charlotte Wood

"Heartfelt and wonderfully written, this is the kind of cookbook that could only be written by butchers who think we should eat less meat." -Matthew Evans

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