Soil Science for Gardeners

Robert Pavlis


Healthy soil means thriving plants. Yet untangling the soil food web and optimizing soil health is beyond most gardeners, many of whom lack an in-depth knowledge of the soil ecosystem. 

Soil Science for Gardeners is an accessible, science-based guide to understanding soil fertility and, in particular, the rhizosphere - the thin layer of liquid and soil surrounding plant roots, so vital to plant health.

Learn about:

  • Soil biology and chemistry and how plants and soil interact
  • Common soil health problems, including analyzing soil's fertility and plant nutrients
  • The creation of a personalized plan for improving your soil fertility, including setting priorityies and goals in a cost-effective, realistic time frame
  • Creating the optimal conditions for nature to do the heavy lifting of building soil fertility

Written for the home gardener, market gardener, and micro-farmer, Soil Science for Gardeners is packed with information to help you grow thriving plants.

SKU7671 | Copyright 2020, softcover, 210 pages.

About the Author:

Robert Pavlis is the owner and developer of Aspen Grove Gardens, a 6-acre botanical garden that features 3,000 varieties of plants. Specializing in soil science, he has been an instructor for Landscape Ontario and is a garden blogger, writer, and chemist. He resides in Guelph, Ontario.

Praise for Soil Science for Gardeners:

"Robert Pavlis once again proves science is wonderful! Soil Science for Gardeners explains why things work in your garden! Equally important, Pavlis uses science to destroy so many gardening myths. This is a book for all gardeners, especially the curious ones."
— Jeff Lowenfels, author, DIY Autoflowering Cannabis and the Teaming With Trilogy

"Good gardens start from the ground up. In Soil Science for Gardeners, Robert Pavlis tells what's going on in soils and then offers practical directions to manage soil for more productive and healthier plants."
— Lee Reich, author, The Ever Curious Gardener

"Natural systems are more than the sum of their parts. And yet to understand them we must closely examine these parts. Soil Science for Gardeners takes us on a journey through the microscopic levels of soil geology, chemistry, and biology, and illuminates the soil ecology that sustains all life on land. From this knowledge base it then teaches us strategies and methods to regenerate and sustain life giving soil."
— Darrell E. Frey, author, Bioshelter Market Garden and co- author, The Food Forest Handbook

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